Age in Place

Age in Place

We all understand the huge statistics around the baby boomer population and the impact of ageing on our health system and social make up as a country.

But what are the solutions, between large-scale village or community level developments, which come with their associated costs of entry, an equally large cost of exit, and staying put in a home that doesn't suit your needs, there are a few options.

It turns out the more than 60% of the population would like to continue to live where they already live, what does that look like and how do we get there?

Innovation house has been using its framework, to work on solutions for the space these include primarily looking at "The missing middle" which is about finding ways that we can make a suburbs work better and allow people to continue to age in place in homes that, are not just more suitable but are also financially and environmentally sustainable.

Innovation house is passionate about working in space in places as diverse as capital cities, regional towns and more remote remote locations with enormous needs for solutions, we have gathered together a team of experts to provide advice and real-world solutions on the ground and tackle all of the problems including, finances and responsibilities, stage care and support, elder law and succession planning, accessibility and better housing design, sustainability and reducing operating costs, working with councils and government to deliver the solutions. One of our overarching goals is also developing a system of title that also aims to provide affordability for all.

There is nothing more powerful than the statement that 80% of people who end up in full aged care don't make that decision themselves…