The Experts

Darren’s Story

Darren comes from a building family with his father, Reg, completing his apprenticeship in Brisbane in the early 1950's. He was bitten by the innovation bug witnessing creative methodology on-site.

Darren worked in the timber engineering industry and then progressed to run the construction division for the largest new home project builder in North Queensland for close to 10 years.

It was in the early 2000's that Darren became a registered builder and launched his own construction company. This building company went on to build close to 50 Award Winning homes, including Home of the Year four times and multiple years of Sustainable House of the Year.

It was then that he realised, for the market to have better housing, there needed to be an example of what that looks like - this was the start of Innovation House. In 2011 he started construction on the first pilot version of the Innovation House 1.0, being the first 10 Star Rated Display home that was also a 'living experiment'. And thus, the Innovation House Australia journey began.

Rowan’s Story

Rowan grew up in a rural background living in sync with the land and understanding the cycle of seasons and the nature of reaping what you sow. As a construction professional the experience of working with both Multinational companies and smaller progressive enterprises there are several key learnings that also hold true. Not all constructions are created equal and the differences between a business as usual outcome and a best practice outcome really is determined by the desire and intent.

Regulation does not achieve great product; it is the people involved that achieve great solutions. So to encourage and nurture this best practice desire we are prepared to share knowledge and experience of our lessons learnt. Our mission is to share this knowledge and develop better outcomes for ourselves and future generations. The ultimate aim is that our community will reap the reward of better performing housing that meets our current and future needs.

Micheal’s Story

Micheal has over 25 years' experience in electro-technologies integration, automation, energy efficiency solutions, project management and within the security industry.

Having worked all over Australia from Darwin to Tasmania, he has built and curated a network of professionals and service providers who can attend to every aspect of technology needs. My ability to create complete electrical and technology solutions caused my peers to nickname me the "Tech Chef".

Having worked with all levels of government, private enterprise and big corporations in Australia and am able to deliver projects with outstanding value for money and exceptional connectivity. My Passion as well as my expertise is the ability to gather all the information and deliver a solution that not only meets all the clients requirements but keeps costs down and I understand that simply it just needs to work all the time every day. He is a proud North Queenslander who has 3 fully grown adult sons and Amazing wife and a famous but crazy puppy called Google.