Tiny House Innovation

Tiny House

Tiny homes is one of those uber cool, buzzword driven conversations that on front of mind for a lot of people.

We can see this has been driven by people's needs to have more affordable functional solutions to living.

But understanding exactly what is a tiny house is actually a little bit more involved in the first glance.

From houses which are just smaller in nature, to what everyone sees as a tiny house on wheels the solutions and options as the Internet shows this are enormous and wildly exciting.

But after that first step, and the million and one backyard experts, how do you take your journey towards living tiny and make sure you jump through all of the hurdles that will actually occur.

This is where innovation house comes into its own, because of its understanding of products, materials, construction and most importantly compliance or non-compliance.

Innovation house was proud to project manage the tropical tiny healthy house for the James Cook University as a prototype to look at the ability to deliver a healthy home for occupants, as well as an affordable solution for living, and start the conversation with councils and government in regards to how we integrate tiny housing into already developed cities and towns.

To this end innovation houses have been working on some guidelines to enable councils to more easily integrate tiny houses into their suburbs and spaces. Ask is how we can help.